Municipal Golf Course: Mallee Box

This particular tree, within the Municipal Golf Course, off Park Terrace and Jeffcott Road, about 50 metres from the road, may be the last remaining Mallee Box anywhere in the Adelaide Park Lands, apart from one in the West terrace Cemetery. Where grown, it is valued for its hardiness, but it is unlikely to be a garden or a landscape tree, except where it is reintroduced.

Mallee Box (Eucalyptus porosa) is also known as Quorn Mallee, Peppermint Box or Whipstick Peppermint. Eucalyptus is Latin for well covered with a lid, referring to the cover of the seed pod, or operculum, an identifying characteristic of this genus. Porosa is Italian for feminine. This species belongs to the Myrtaceae family and grows naturally and widely across South Australia, Victoria and NSW to a height of 12 metres. It may be seen with a single trunk, but it is typically multi-trunked.

It is listed on the National Trust’s significant tree register as a rare example of this indigenous South Australian tree within the City of Adelaide. This one must be least 179 years old, but more likely more than 200 years of age.