Somerton Man Mystery: Elephant and Castle Hotel

As the months passed in 1949, the mystery of the Somerton Man continued to captivate the South Australian public. With more questions than answers, preparations were made for his burial at West Terrace Cemetery.

The Elephant and Castle Hotel, a popular city pub, was located on the corner of West Terrace and Gilbert Street. Its owner, Leo Kenny, was well-liked by the pub’s patrons. Many of his faithful customers were associated with the funeral business as the West Terrace Cemetery is located just across the road.

The hotel's patrons were also captivated by the case, including the members of the South Australian Grandstand Bookmakers’ Association who held regular meetings at The Elephant and Castle. The Association decided to take up a collection for the Somerton Man's funeral, and the licence of the man's grave was issued in the group's name.


Somerton Man Mystery
Professor Derek Abbott from the University of Adelaide discusses the possible theories about the Somerton Man's identity and his background. ~ Source: National Trust of South Australia
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