The Edinburgh Castle is South Australia’s oldest continuously licensed hotel.

The Edinburgh Castle Hotel is South Australia’s oldest continuously licensed hotel. Its first owner, George Guthrie, applied for the first publican’s license in May 1837, six months after the Colony of South Australia was established. With little infrastructure in the colonial centre at the time, early hotel owners in the colony were legally required to keep a lamp alight at the front of their premises from sunset to sunrise.

Over the years, the hotel’s owners and name changed. From 1837 to 1839, it was known as Guthrie’s Castle, before being renamed the Edinburgh Castle Inn. Finally, in 1881, the hotel was renamed the Edinburgh Castle Hotel.

‘The Ed’ has a long history of hosting live music and entertainment, and in the last several years the program has significantly expanded. Patrons can enjoy an eclectic mix of musical genres at the hotel, including Blues, Indie, and Alternative. Many local acts have also graced The Ed’s stage, and the long running Raw Jam acoustic session is a popular Tuesday night experience, where 20+ people come together to play spontaneous tunes.



223 Currie Street, Adelaide