Gerard & Goodman Building, Tavistock Lane

At the end of Tavistock Lane you will discover a four-storey building with the words "Gerard & Goodman" painted on it.

Alfred Gerard started his electrical merchandising business, Gerard & Goodman, in Rundle Street in 1907. The company quickly established itself as the major engineering manufacturer and retailer in the city. Soon Gerard & Goodman was the largest company of its kind in South Australia, manufacturing, importing, retailing and repairing a wide range of electrical accessories and operating a photography, radio and ‘talkie-movie’ department. One of its most well-known products, clip-on metal conduit fittings, provided electrical contractors with an innovative solution to the issue of size variation in metal conduits. The name was abbreviated to "Clipsal", a now infamous South Australian brand name. 

In 1921 the company purchased land in Synagogue Place, and showrooms, offices and a factory were built here. The building was extended several times, with two further floors added to the original two-storey building in 1927-1928. This the building you can see today. Whilst the main entrance was located in Synagogue Place, access to the bulk store was located at the rear entrance on Tavistock Street.

Gerard & Goodman eventually moved its operations to Bowden where a factory was built in 1936.