In 1976, Owen Broughton's Untitled sculpture won the Rundle Mall Sculpture Contest. Other competition winners that year included John Dowie's Girl On A Slide and Bert Flugelman's Spheres (known affectionately by South Australians as the 'Malls Balls'). The sculptures were part of Premier Don Dunstan's concept of a "Gallery Without Walls". Broughton's sculpture was commissioned by the Adelaide City Council in partnership with the South Australian state government. 

In the late 1980s, Broughton's sculpture was moved into storage to make way for the new Myers Centre in Rundle Mall. The sculpture sat in storage for nearly two decades until it was finally returned to public space in 2007, its new home being in Ebenezer Place and the East End. Dowie and Flugelman's sculptures are still in Rundle Mall today. 

Broughton's ten-foot, six-inch steel sculpture weighs approximately 390 kilograms!



Untitled is located near Nano Cafe, just off Ebenezer Place.