Montefiore Hill / Light's Vision - Tarntanya Wama

Montefiore Hill was named after Jacob Montefiore, one of the Colonel Commissioners for South Australia. It provided an anchor point for Light’s plan and offered a commanding view over the scope of his survey.  It has been suggested that he stood there in 1837 pointing to what would become the City of Adelaide.  This idea was memorialised in a statue of Light, arm outstretched, by Scottish sculptor Birnie Rhind, which was first unveiled in Victoria Square opposite the GPO in 1906.

A viewing platform over the city was created on Montefiore Hill in 1936 to mark the centenary of the establishment of South Australia.  Soon after, in 1938 the statue of Colonel Light was relocated to this new lookout across the Torrens River valley to the Adelaide Hills.  Over time the site, and the sculpture became known as “Light’s Vision”.

The advent of the new Adelaide Oval stadium in 2014 has reduced the view of the city from here, but the vista of the valley below and hills around that framed Light’s original view remain.


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