Rymill Park - Murlawirrapurka

Rymill Park in the eastern Park Lands is an example of a well-used recreation space.   In the post war period, beautification works created an ornamental lake and rose gardens, as well as playgrounds and picnic facilities.  The park is named after Arthur Rymill, Lord Mayor of the City of Adelaide between 1950 and 1954.  It includes a number of popular public artworks such as Alice and the bust of its creator, sculptor John Dowie.  There are more than half a million visits to the park each year.

More recently it has been at the centre of controversy over Government plans to cut a tunnel and roadway through the park to connect to the OBahn bus service.  Despite public protest construction works are proceeding, with a completion date in 2017.  The Park Lands remain a highly contested space, with organisations like the Adelaide Park Lands Preservation Association maintaining a vigilant watch on plans to encroach on the public legacy of Light’s visionary plan for Adelaide.