Roberts Place & Memorial to “Forgotten Australians”

This triangular section of Park 12 used to be known (in the 1800's) as 'Roberts Place' or 'Roberts Reserve' named after the 1830's British “Colonisation Commissioner” Josiah Roberts. The huge Moreton Bay fig was originally planted about the year 1900 right in the centre of what was then known as Roberts Reserve.

Outside the Women's and Children's Hospital is the Memorial to "the forgotten Australians and Wards of the State" The huge metal flowers are intended to be gazanias. The artist was Craige Andrae and this was erected in 2010. The inscription reads:

“In honour of the children who suffered abuse in institutional and out-of-home care. We have grown through awareness and unity we celebrate our courage, strength and resilience. We are no longer forgotten. Dedicated to the future protection and nurturing of all children.

From here we turn left, and walk across Karrawirra to the street on the other side, close to the hospital.



Spoken Description - Roberts Place & Memorial to “Forgotten Australians”
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