In the open area on our left, on the eastern side of Sir Edwin Smith Avenue, there was once a commercial tourist attraction; a Snake Park and Koala Farm. This attraction was opened in 1927 initially on just 1,400 square metres, just as a “snake park'. Its proprietor was Alfred Minchin who at the time was the Director of the Zoological Gardens.

Koalas were added in the 1930's, and made available for visitors to hold. In the 1940's the lease area was extended to four thousand square metres, and additional attractions, camels and seals were introduced. Eventually, in 1960 the Council decided not to renew the lease. The animals were dispersed (most going to the Zoo) and the land returned to Park Lands. There's nothing here now to indicate that the “Snake Park and Koala Farm” ever existed.

Some 26 years later, in 1986 this area of Karrawirra (Park 12) was given the name 'Peace Park'. It hosts a number of commemorative features dedicated to, or with the theme of 'Peace'. If you walk around you can see signs and markers highlighting
 Sri Chinmoy Peace Mile, from 1986.
 Chinese Freedom and Democracy memorial to the Tiananmen Square massacre, of 1989.
 A simple plaque on a rock marked America Remembers, dated 1996
 a white pole inscribed, in several languages, with the words “May Peace Prevail on Earth” This is the motto of the 'International Day of Peace' annually on 21 September

It is perhaps fitting that we have a Peace Park here, because as you'll soon see, there's also a great many memorials in the vicinity to the memory of war and those who died in war. Our next location is few metres further south again, just past a driveway on our left that leads to the University sporting fields.



Spoken Description - Peace Park
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