This site has been taken away from the Park Lands twice! From 1839 to 1850 it was a "Government Quarry". Long after the quarry had stopped operating, in the 1890s it was partially returned to Park Lands, but then in 1936, the Commonwealth Government erected this building that now has heritage status. The Parade Ground is still recognised as part of the Park Lands despite being covered with bitumen.

The large white building, a former training depot and drill hall is no longer a military building but is the headquarters of History SA. There is an interpretive sign about this site just off Victoria Drive.

Immediately north of the Parade ground alongside Victoria Drive, is a collection of statues and memorials. The Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander war memorial was designed by Tony Rosella, Lee-Ann Tjunypa Buckskin and Michelle Nikou It was unveilled in 2013.

The other large sculpture is the Vietnam War Memorial dedicated October 2006. The sculptor, James Martin was himself a Vietnam veteran.

From here, we cross over Victoria Drive and head down to the Riverbank.



Spoken Description - Torrens Parade Ground
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