Former Water Police Station

Built in 1928, this former Water Police Station is a prime example of the Spanish Mission style which was popular between 1915 and 1940. Other prominent buildings in this style include the Hartley Building just in sight, south-east of here, up the hill on Kintore Avenue.

Built by the South Australian Public Buildings Department, the former water police station housed two water police officers who monitored activities on the River and in the vicinity.

The building contains a small room which was once used by police officers, as well as an exercise yard and a single cell. Used until 1956 by the police, it now houses Adelaide City Council horticultural staff.

Once again, there is interpretive signage provided.

From this point, you can continue walking east along Victoria Drive, back to the starting point of this walk on the corner of Frome Road.

You will be walking between the River Torrens on the left, and the Adelaide University precinct on the right.



Spoken Description - Former Water Police Station
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