Kadlitpina In Context

This walk begins at the south-west corner of the park, and the juncture of Rundle Road and East Terrace.

The Adelaide Park Lands in front of you are unique - the only city built inside a park. The Park Lands are not a loop or circle, but a figure-8 wrapping around Adelaide and North Adelaide. The Park Lands are divided up into 30 named and numbered Parks and 6 named squares. The Park numbers are based on the old ‘land section’ numbers.

Kadlitpina – known also by its European name, Rundle Park, or simply Park 13, is bounded by East Terrace, Rundle Road, Dequetteville Terrrace and Botanic Road.

This 6.5 hectare park exists today in much the same shape and form as when Colonel Light surveyed it in 1837, and exhibits characteristics of a semi-formal Victorian Gardenesque style, with a mix of exotic and native flora.

But things have not always been so picturesque for Kadlitpina. Its position, perched on the shoulder of the city, has sometimes been a precarious one.



Spoken Description - Kadlitpina In Context
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