Rundle Road - Cars Of All Kinds

From 1985 until 1995 Adelaide hosted the Formula One Grand Prix, with car races remaining a contentious issue facing the Park Lands today.

As you walk along the path, Rundle Road is on your right-hand side. Rundle Road is built at a slightly higher level than the Parks grounds on either side of the road.  Its slight elevation protects it from the intermittent flooding which in the past would spill out from Botanic Creek.,

From 1985 until 1995, Adelaide hosted the Formula One Grand Prix. The street circuit was controversial due to its subsuming the eastern Park Lands. Rundle Road provided a straight portion of the circuit, and was temporarily renamed for the four days of the annual event in honour of Australian Formula One driver Alan Jones.

Controversy over the use of the Park Lands for motorsports events continues to this day, with the V8 car race, which follows most of the old Formula One course, fencing off large portions of the eastern Park Lands. The period required for assembly and disassembly of the motor racing circuit and grandstands has taken up five months of each year, to allow a four-day motor racing carnival in March.



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