On the roadway, outside the north-west corner of Victoria Park, is an Adelaide oddity.

This place is known locally as the Britannia roundabouts – the name coming from the hotel that overlooks the busy intersection.

There are few roundabouts within the City of Adelaide. Most major intersections have traffic lights instead. But here, watched over by two tall specimens of Norfolk Island and Bunya Bunya pines, we have not one, but two roundabouts, side by side.

For many years there was debate about how to address traffic congestion and frequent accidents at this spot. In 2013 a secondary roundabout was installed, a solution that seems to have improved both problems.

Near the roundabouts and just inside Victoria Park, there is an interpretive sign giving more information about the intersection as well as the Park.

The adjacent bench offers a spot to sit and watch the world (and the traffic) go round, and round, and round.


Spoken description - Britannia roundabouts
Creator: Adelaide Park Lands Preservation Association
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