River red gums and white poplars

Running along the eastern side of Victoria Park adjacent to Fullarton Road, is an impressive line of thirty or more River Red Gum trees. Some of the trees in this avenue date from before 1880.

Slightly to the west, just on the southern side of the dirt trail, is a large clump of white poplar trees. The trees were planted in 1953 on the northern side of the creek to reduce flooding because at the time, the area was poorly regarded as a swamp.

More recently this has been recognised as a mistake because poplars are known as an invasive species that have a negative effect on wetland systems in particular.,
They serve as a reminder of the delicate balance of native ecosystems and the importance of preservation of native species, and watercourse environments..

From here, we keep walking south along the Fullarton Road edge of the Park, until until we cross over a creek, quite close to the intersection of Fullarton Road and Greenhill Road



Spoken description - River red gums and white poplars
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