South Park Lands creek, future wetlands

The South Park Lands Creek traverses the width of the southern Park Lands, from Victoria Park / Pakapakanthi across the neighbouring Parks 17, 18, 19, and 20.

The creek is not a natural watercourse but an artificial drainage channel that was built in 1917 to channel water away from the Greenhill Road - Fullarton Road intersection, and through the South Park Lands.

Over a century, the condition of the Creek significantly deteriorated. The Adelaide City Council has planned for the rehabilitation of this creek into a significant wetlands environment. Plans for this redevelopment include interpretive and education facilities, boardwalks and a range of nature play and recreation opportunities. Work on this rehabilitation began in July 2017 in the nearby Park 18.

Our walk is almost finished. From this point look for a bitumen path that runs through the urban woodland.



Spoken description - South Park Lands Creek
Creator: Adelaide Park Lands Preservation Association
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