38-01 Introduction and Naming of Park 9

Welcome to Tidlangga—known also as Bundey’s Paddock, or simply, Park 9.

This small wedge of Park Land is only 5.7 hectares which means it comprises less than one per cent of the total area of the Adelaide Park Lands.

Nevertheless it is a very popular area for local residents of North Adelaide and the suburbs immediately to the east, including Gilberton and Walkerville.

Tidlangga is a Kaurna language name, which means ‘tidla root place’, referring to a bulbous root eaten by the Indigenous people.

Due to its location close to the river and other known corroboree grounds, in pre-colonisation times this area may have been used as an encampment for the local Kaurna people.

Its other name, Bundey’s Paddock, has been used (informally) since the 1880’s in honour of a former mayor of Adelaide in the 1880's, William Bundey.

The name was formally assigned to the Park (by the City Council) only as recently as September 2017.



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