2. Bundey's Paddock History

This Park contains three distinct areas that sit easily alongside each other. There is a bushland trail, a “community hub”, and a well-used sporting oval.

However this part of the Park Lands has not always been as carefully tended. Following European settlement in 1837, the combined effects of grazing and unchecked clearing for timber and firewood turned parts of the Park Lands into a dustbowl in summer, and a quagmire in winter, and had rendered most parks devoid of native animal life.

By the 1850s, public opinion had concluded that something needed to be done about the barren and unappealing nature of this Park. The City Council of the day commenced by planting mainly British and Mediterranean tree species.

A report commissioned in 1880 recommended a systematic approach to the re-vegetation of the Park Lands. Accordingly, by 1899, new city gardener August Pelzer began removing failing trees and conducting a vigorous replanting of the parks which continued well into the early twentieth century. This walk will highlight some of the larger trees.

However, unlike other parts of the Park Lands there are no listed “significant trees” in this Park. Nor are there any places on the State Heritage Register.



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