4. Playspace and Community hub

This part of Bundey's Paddock / Tidlangga includes a sandy petanque piste, tennis courts, playground, sandpit, barbecues and picnic tables. It is frequently visited by families—in fact, there are over 3,000 visits to this park every year.

Personal trainers often bring their clients here for workouts, and you can often see ad hoc usage by small groups of young men (usually) at the basketball facilities.

This adventure playground was installed in 2016, by a firm called “ProLudic” contracted by the City Council.

It replaced a former playground of the old fashioned swings and metal slippery dips type that had been further along Mackinnon Parade for many decades.

This one incorporates the principles of adventure and exploration that underpin planning of play areas in kindergartens and schools these days – and children love it.

The rock fields are intended to encourage children to practice their balance on an uneven surface. The existence of the playground has made this spot a favourite site for children's birthday parties!



Spoken Description - Playspace and Community Hub
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