38-05 MacKinnon Parade streetscape fronting Park 9

Mackinnon Parade, facing this park, has a very interesting streetscape and history.

Number 50 Mackinnon Parade was originally called Keith House, after Frances Keith Sheridan, who lived there with her family from 1850, and ran a school there with her daughters.

Her elder daughter Alice Frances Keith Sheridan lived all her adult life in "Keith House", and left most of her considerable wealth to the Adelaide University.

"Keith House" was left to the North Adelaide Institute, to become in 1925 the Keith Sheridan Institute, and in 1963 became Sheridan Theatre, home of the Adelaide Theatre Group.

Keith House or the Sheridan Theatre is now a family home.

Next to the Sheridan cottage are Robert Dickson's two linked town houses, which were the first town houses to be built in North Adelaide, in the early 1960s

Other houses along MacKinnon Parade feature blue plaques which explain some of their history.

There is a pair of Victorian 1880s single-fronted masonry residences with highly decorative cast iron detailing. In recent years they have been linked to form one residence.

Another pair of nearby houses appear to be conventional double-fronted villas, but they are unusual (for their 19th century period) in having the main entrances to the side of the house.

This corner of North Adelaide wasn't always quiet. Up until the 1970s, MacKinnon Parade and Mann Terrace were through roads and it was possible to drive straight across into Gilberton.

Now, turn around and look back towards Park 9 to see the planter boxes on the edge of the community hub



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