BMX Bike Tracks in Blue Gum Park

If you look north-east from the South Park Lands Creek you see a number of dirt mounds rising in amongst the trees. This is the Kurangga Park BMX Track, also known as the Adelaide City Dirt Trails.

It is a hub for BMX recreation. Bike riders of all ages and skill levels can enjoy a variety of different bike tracks – from beginners to advanced. Suitable for a range of bikes, this is the perfect area for family and friends to get out, be active and perhaps get a little dirty. The large slopes are reserved for older, experienced riders who take their adventure sport seriously. This advanced-level track draws large crowds for competitions as well as bike riding groups who love to watch the action. According to the Adelaide City Council, there are more than 1,000 stacks (or crashes) on the track each year.

Upgrading of the BMX facilities was approved by Council in 2017, with older tracks being levelled and a newly constructed intermediate section built. Also in 2017, a new “pump” track was constructed. This is a type of off-road terrain consisting of banked turns and features designed to be ridden completely by riders “pumping” – creating momentum by up and down body movements.

This area is also designed for picnics; with barbecue BBQ facilities, tables and benches, plenty of shade and a toilet. Just beware when crossing any of the BMX tracks!



Spoken description - BMX riding in Blue Gum Park
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