40-02 Pulteney Grammar School

This reinforced concrete footbridge over South Terrace was erected in the 1970s.

If you walk to the top the footbridge offers views southwards over Blue Gum Park / Kurangga (Park 20) to the Adelaide Hills escarpment.

Why is the school called Pulteney Grammar when it is located on South Terrace? It was established in Pulteney Street in 1848. It moved to this site on South Terrace in 1919.

Pulteney Grammar School was the second private school in the colony after St Peters College. It began as a school which would be attractive to the poorest families in the area.

The School was involved in a Park Lands controversy in 2018.

In that year, Pulteney Grammar School was telling its community that it was planning to expand its campus "on both sides of South Terrace."

Concept plans were lodged with the Adelaide Park Lands Authority. The agenda papers for the Authority’s meeting, at which the School's proposal was recommended, described "class rooms" on the second storey of a massive proposed new building here.

The school was planning to include several features of a private nature: a "multi-purpose" space (though Pulteney's principal denied this space was to have been used as classrooms) an office, a gym, and extended storage.

However, after hearing a deputation from APPA at its meeting in June 2018, the Authority agreed that the School’s plans could NOT be accepted. 

The Authority instead urged Pulteney Grammar School to scale back their plans to a more modest size, to minimise the extent of any new building's impact on the Park Lands.

Two years later, in December 2020, no new plans had yet been lodged.

Now walk another few metres east, on the grass and stop at the basketball courts.



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