The path networks throughout Blue Gum Park / Kurangga have historical significance and are popular with cyclists, runners and pedestrians.

A diagonal pathway across this Park was implemented in accordance with John Ednie Brown’s Report of 1880 It's known as Sellar Avenue after a City Councillor of the late 1800s (James Sellar). It's lined with white cedar trees, and runs north-west to south-east – from the corner of South Terrace/Peacock Rd to the corner of Unley and Greenhill Roads.

Councillor Sellar was a tea merchant by occupation, establishing the Vauxhall Tea Company in Adelaide. He was also President of the Adelaide Democratic Club and served as a Labour Member of State Parliament for the electorate of Adelaide. The growth of these trees inspired the planting of a similar diagonal avenue in Pelzer Park / Pityarrilla (Park 19). There's also a diagonal path across Park 21W to the west of here.

As you walk south-east along the course of Sellar Avenue you'll cross a north-south drainage channel.

The other main pathway on the eastern side of Park 20 is called “Kurrajong Avenue” It's a bitumen-covered path, running almost directly north-south from South Terrace to Greenhill Road. As its name suggests, it's lined with mature Kurrajong trees.

Both of these paths are well used by pedestrians and cyclists.

There are also lesser-used bitumen paths that cross in a general east-west direction and intersect with either Sellar Avenue or Kurrajong Avenue or both.

There's a short dirt track also that comes off Kurrajong Avenue and leads around the edge of the southern tennis facilities off Greenhill Road.



Spoken description - Pathways in Blue Gum Park
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