Tennis and hockey facilities

The fenced enclosed area here is leased to the the Adelaide Hockey Club and Tennis Seniors SA. However for most of Adelaide's history this site was not reserved for tennis nor hockey – rather for lawn bowls.

Lawn bowls developed into a major sport in the Parklands from 1897, when the Adelaide Bowling Club had its first home on part of the Government Reserve on the northern section of Kintore Avenue.

The South Park Bowling Club off Peacock Road was the second bowling club on the Park Lands when it took up its 1-acre site, here, in 1907. The Club officially opened in early 1908.

Tennis courts were added alongside, soon afterwards, in 1912, and the number of tennis courts expanded over the years,

It’s hard to imagine the pace of life becoming too frenetic at a bowls club, but the SA Bowler magazine reflected on a 1934 carnival by reporting that:

“ the evening probably the greatest function of its kind took place at South Park Green. This was the assembly of bowlers and ladies termed a “get-together” when between 3000 and 4000 attended. It is on record that over 2000 were served supper within one hour and that hard and soft refreshments were supplied all the evening”.

The Adelaide Hockey Club is one of the largest and most successful hockey clubs in South Australia with over 400 members playing both the Junior and Senior competition. It hosts a full-sized turf pitch and a smaller turf pitch used for junior training and matches.

When not being used for hockey the hockey pitches can be used for tennis instead.

Tennis Seniors SA is the state administrator of seniors tennis (seniors being defined as age 35 or over). The club uses the old Bowling Club building. Night competitions are played at the complex of 18 synthetic grass courts. The facilities are a major drawcard for tennis players across the state.



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