40-08 Tree Climb aerial adventure in Park 20

The tall trees here, alongside the South Park Lands creek have been turned into a haven for tree climb thrill-seekers.

In January 2018, the City of Adelaide approved an eight-year lease – not of the ground – but of the tree tops.

The courses and obstacles you can see here were built over an area of 16,000 square metres, using the existing mature trees, including large River Red Gums and Blue Gums.

The operation was opened in late 2018. It’s been successful in encouraging young people to visit the Parklands to take part in more physical activity.

Families can make a day in this Park by also bringing bikes and using the BMX track as well as visiting the Tree Clinb.

Unlike other private enterprises within the Park Lands, the ground below the course is maintained as open public green space.

There are eight graded courses and 70 obstacles. The courses incorporate a range of suspension lines, flying foxes and climbing obstacles set amongst the existing trees and the South Park Lands Creek.

Customers can choose the level of difficulty they prefer. You must undergo safety training before setting out on a course.

The Council has been assured that the Tree Climb “aerial adventure park” does not damage the trees. If the lease is not renewed in 2026, then these facilities, including the transportable building here can be easily removed.

Now, walk on the bitumen path, just past the Tree Climb building. Get off the path and visit an open clear flat space surrounded by very tall trees, including river red gums. The trees are growing near the course of the South Park Lands Creek close to Greenhill Road.



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