Roma Mitchell Garden

Just to the right of the native bee hotel there is a high fence, which marks the rear or “back yard” of the Old Adelaide Gaol, which was closed in 1988.

Behind the fence you can see a sign Roma Mitchell Garden. This garden was tended by prisoners until the gaol closed.

Since the 1990s it has been maintained as a garden by the Catholic Order of Malta which includes Adelaide's world-famous singing nun, Sister Janet Mead. They call it 'The Garden of Mercy'.

The gardening is done by the people who stay from time to time at the Adelaide Day Centre for Homeless Persons in Carrington street. The Order of Malta has for many years provided funds for equipment for the garden, supplemented by matching grants from the Macquarie Bank Foundation. The garden also houses some farm animals.

Dame Roma was a friend of the Sisters of Mercy in Adelaide, a former Governor of SA, Australia’s first woman Supreme Court Judge and she was honoured by the Order of Malta in 1997

From here, head south towards the gaol, and follow a bitumen road. This is called Gaol Rd.



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