41-07 Olive Grove and SA Police 'greys'

Walking south along this road on your right you will see a fenced off area containing a large remnant olive plantation.

The grove was established in 1862 by Sheriff Boothby, and was regularly maintained and harvested by Adelaide Gaol prisoners until the City Council eventually took over the role.

Progressively the plantations were felled to make way for railway line and yard expansion together with the development of the Police Barracks in the early 20th century.

This was the second area of the Park Lands planted with olives following the establishment of plantations in Kuntingga/Park 7 and Barnguttilla/Park 8 in North Adelaide.

Roaming around between the olive trees you are likely to see light grey horses.

This area is the home of the SA Police 'Mounted Operations Unit' and their horses known as the police 'greys'.

Although their numbers fluctuate, there are usually around 30 in the area.

The City Council has published Park Lands management plans under which the horses would be moved to another location, but there is no time frame set for their move.



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There are signs warning you not to enter the horse paddock. Although the land is public Park Land it's wise to comply with the sign.