41-09 Kate Cocks Park

At this point as you walk a little further towards Port Road you will see a dusty, sparse, fenced-off parcel of land to your right.

This area, along with the land on the opposite side of the road - adjacent to the railway line – was named (in September 2017) as Kate Cocks Park.

The area on the right contains a few more olive trees and was used as an additional police horse grazing paddock.

It is expected that the area will be landscaped in the near future. At least, the City Council has that as a plan, pending allocation of funding.

Kate Cocks was the first female police constable in the British Empire and a prominent advocate for women.

It was during the First World War that the police force appointed its first two policewomen, Kate Cocks and Annie Ross, who began work in 1915.

Kate Cocks was also famous for her vigilance on the Park Lands, using her cane to separate lovers who were often unaware of her approach.

Finding lovers locked together she used her catchphrase ‘Three feet apart!’ 

In 1916, courting couples came under the spotlight of the Advertiser newspaper which published an article saying that "During the last few years it has become the fashion among people to do their courting lying down. It is now the practice for them to lie down so closely together as to appear immodest but many of them are respectable."

Kate Cocks was not amused, commenting that the "police were powerless to advise couples to sit up".



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