41-11 Thebarton Police Barracks

Turning right from Gaol Road, onto the Port Road footpath we come to the Thebarton Police barracks which have been on this site since 1917.

The Barracks cover 2 hectares of Park 27. Originally they had a kitchen, administration quarters, dormitory, stables, chaff mill, farriery, saddlery, and quarantine shed.

These days, the police barracks are used by about 250 employees for mounted operations, dog training, road safety, police band practice, security services, traffic camera and armoury sections.

The Police historical society uses three buildings at the barracks to store records and exhibit collections of police memorabilia.

The Kaurna name for Bonython Park is Tulya Wardli, meaning “Police Barracks”.

Ironically the Police Barracks, although they are on Park Lands (Park 27) are not actually recognised as being in Bonython Park.



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