41-15 Bonython Park community open spaces

Veering left past the boat pond and sweeping left, you will find large grassed open spaces, both left and right of the road.

On the right is a family picnic area with tables, barbecues, tree shade and plenty of open grass not far from the Adventure Playspace.

Further west adjacent to Port Road is a large bitumen car park.

In managing the Park Lands, the City Council faces inevitable tension between the desire to encourage people into the Park Lands, and the demand for car parking on the Park Lands.

There are thousands of car parking spaces on Park Lands.

That area off Port Road is just one of many.

Just past the playground you will come to a “Y” junction where this trail takes the right-hand road, and then another “Y” junction where the trail takes the left-hand road.

So, first turn right, then left.



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