41-20 Bonython Park - Park Lands Trail

This bitumen path is just a small segment of the River Torrens Linear Park, which extends for more than 33 kilometres all the way from Athlestone in the foothills, to Henley Beach on Gulf St Vincent.

This is Australia’s longest hills-to-coast path. It is ideal for families wanting to spend time together walking, riding, running or taking the family dog for some exercise.

This part of the River Torrens Linear Park also forms part of the Adelaide Park Lands Trail, which is a series of connected walking and cycling trails which loop both the city of Adelaide and North Adelaide.

There is a proposal to connect up all the different segments of the Park Lands Trail, with tunnels or bridges under or over all of the roads, and install lighting and reflective surfaces.

It’s being promoted as a potential tourist attraction. Come and run, or walk or cycle, all the way around a capital city. It’s being called the 'Adelaide Rainbow Circuit”.

Its promoter has support from Business SA, the City Council, APPA, Bike SA, and others.

However in 2020 no funding had yet been secured.



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