41-21 Return to Bonython Park kiosk - the slaughterhouse site

Returning to our starting point at the Bonython Park kiosk, it's time to answer the question posed earlier on this trail. Where was the slaughterhouse?

As we come back to our starting point you'll notice a building made of Carey Gully sandstone, just like the kiosk. That's a maintenance shed and electricity substation for the Park.

The Bonython Park kiosk is made of the same sandstone. The kiosk itself stands at, or immediately next to the site of a two-storey brick slaughterhouse, that stood here for many decades, until 1913.

This was the site, right here where the kiosk was built in 1963, 50 years later.

The site was vacant for 50 years so when the kiosk was built, few people associated the site with the former slaughterhouse.



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