42-01 Introduction and naming of Park 21

We start this walk at the corner of Peacock Road and South Terrace, near the tram stop. This is the north-eastern corner of Veale Park, also known as Walyu Yarta – or simply Park 21.

Park 21 is a rectangle - bounded by South Terrace, Greenhill Road, Peacock Road and Sir Lewis Cohen Avenue

Park 21 is 31 hectares in size.

This means that in the context of the whole Adelaide Park Lands, it's only about four per cent of the total area.

The English name of this Park, Veale Park, is in honour of former Town Clerk William Veale.

Veale Park refers to the whole of the Park – from South Terrace to Greenhill Road. The well-known Veale Gardens represents just the northern part of Veale Park, alongside South Terrace.

William Veale was an Australian Lieutenant in World War One, and a Commanding Officer in World War Two.

After the war, he became the Town Clerk of Adelaide from 1947 until 1965. Town Clerk was what we would now call Chief Executive Officer.

On a study tour of local governments in Europe and North America in 1957, Mr Veale found inspiration for the future development of the Park Lands.

Veale Gardens were built in 1963 to William Veale's design. It was only in September 2017 that the City Council extended the name 'Veale Park' to the entire area of Park 21, extending to Greenhill Rd.

The other name of this Park, in the Kaurna language, is Walyu Yarta which means the area where you find the ‘Walyu root'. Walyu is a native edible white root, similar to a radish, that would have been a source of food to the Kaurna people.

From the corner, walk along the path towards the large building – the Adelaide Pavilion.



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