Sunken rose garden

Before 1963, weddings in Australia could be held only in a church or a registry office. Outdoor weddings were not possible.

Coincidentally Veale Gardens was built in the same year, 1963. However after the law changed in 1963, it took another ten years for the first wedding to be held here.

That was because the City Council would not permit any part of the Park Lands to be used for weddings.

Fortunately, that policy changed in the 1970s. Since then, this sunken rose garden has been one of the most popular venues in Adelaide for weddings.

At its inception, this garden contained 1,400 roses of more than 50 different varieties. The City Council's Director of Parks and Gardens and its head gardener planned and supervised the planting of the roses to get an attractive blend of colour and fragrances.



Spoken description - Sunken rose garden

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