42-12 Statue of Pan and flower bed entrance

In front of you is a fountain containing the mythical god, Pan, as its centre piece. Councillors at a meeting in 1962 talked of wanting this to be "like fountains you see in Vienna".

Pan was sculptured by well known artist John Dowie.

Unfortunately, during its construction, Pan fell and was damaged, forcing Dowie to redo parts of the statue.

John Dowie was also the sculptor of the 'Three Rivers' fountain in Victoria Square and the statue of Lewis Carroll's “Alice” in Rymill Park

In front of Pan, bordering South Terrace is a garden bed that (for most of the year) is a riot of colour with annual pansies.

This is the official entrance to Veale Park.

The bronze name plaque is in the same style as the ones marking “Rymill Park”: and “Bonython Park” as they were built at a similar time in the early 1960s.



Spoken description - Statue of Pan and flower bed entrance
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