Adelaide-Qingdao rose garden

This rose garden is dedicated to the sister city relationship between Adelaide and Qingdao. Qingdao is a city in north-east China, and regarded by some as one of the most beautiful and clean cities in China.

Qingdao was chosen as a sister city because of its similarities to Adelaide and the expected positive impact on trade relations between the two cities. One of China's most popular alcoholic beverages –Tsingtao beer is brewed there, and relies heavily on imported South Australia barley.

The feature of the Qingdao rose garden is the statue “Song of the Wind”

A matching “sister” of the sculpture is located in a Park in the City of Qingdao. The two statues are said to “echo each other” with the song of the wind, across the Pacific, bonding the friendship between Adelaide and Qingdao.

Continue walking westwards, along the shady path towards the traffic lights.

A short distance past the Qingdao rose garden is the site of a former timber sculpture.

Made of Australian Jarrah, it was called a 'Hypar shelter'. It was made up of two hyperbolic parabaloids (curved shapes made from straight lines),emulating the shape and style of the Pavilion roof where we started this walk.

It was removed in 2003 as the timber had deteriorated.



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