42-14 Sir Lewis Cohen Avenue

At the traffic lights you are at the north-west corner of Veale Park / Walyu Yarta.

The western boundary of this park is Sir Lewis Cohen Avenue.

Heading north, this road becomes Morphett Street and goes right through the city and North Adelaide, passing three of Adelaide's six squares on the way: Whitmore Square, Light Square and Wellington Square.

Sir Lewis Cohen Avenue was opened in 1906, severing this Park 21 from its western section across the road, which then became known as Park 21 West.

Sir Lewis Cohen was four times elected as Mayor of Adelaide – in four separate periods – between 1889 and 1923.

He was also a member of State Parliament for 10 years, and Chief Magistrate for seven years.

Turn left here and walk southwards along the edge of the Park bordering Sir Lewis Cohen Avenue.



Spoken description - Sir Lewis Cohen Avenue
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