42-15 Veale Park Old Access Road

This access road was closed in 2007. For many years before that it was a well-known beat for gay men.

Until 1975, male homosexual acts were was illegal in South Australia, and police often patrolled known beats with the intention to arrest, entrap, or worse.

Even after decriminalisation in 1975, the remaining cultural stigma of homosexuality forced many to continue to meet in secret after dark, and put themselves at the mercy of those who would harm them.

Bashings were common, and victims would find little help or support from authorities.

In December 2020, South Australia became the last State in Australia to abolish the so-called 'gay panic’ defence which used to be available to accused persons to get a murder charge downgraded to manslaughter.

From here, cross over the old access road to see a plaque embedded on a rock just off Sir Lewis Cohen Avenue.



Spoken description - Veale Park Old Access Road
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