42-17 Walyu Yarta Community garden

The Walyu Yarta Community Garden was the first community garden within the City of Adelaide.

It opened in 2009, after five years of lobbying Council by several gardening groups in the South West quadrant of the City.

Some of these groups had been gardening vacant building sites in the neighbourhood.

So-called “guerrilla gardeners” had been planting fruit and nut trees in South-eastern city streets.

There was also a gardening group based at the Adelaide South West Community Centre in Sturt Street who had been campaigning for this.

Before anything could be planted here in 2009, soil had to be brought in due to the existing soil being found to be contaminated.

Members of the Walyu Yarta Community Garden group hold a monthly meeting, deciding what work needs to be done.

An Open Garden Day every year raises funds for the garden.

The Walyu Yarta community garden has around 100 members and supporters, with about 30 regularly working at the garden or turning up for working bees.

Children from Gilles Street Primary School often attend the garden and learn about gardening.

The mosaic butterflies were a project involving Gilles Street Primary, members of the South West community and Uniting Communities.

From the community garden head south.

There is no path – just make your way across-country, walking southward across the open field towards Greenhill Road.



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