Balfours Cafe

Within a year of his arrival James Calder had returned to his calling of baker and confectioner. His early years of business were a struggle, the manufacturing methods were laborious and tedious, and the machinery capable of only a limited production of goods.

In 1877, Calder took on his nephew, John Balfour, as his business partner. Calder & Balfours continued to expand and more properties were purchased until 1882 when Calder was forced to retire due to bad health. By 1894 Balfour declared himself insolvent and used property to pay back his debt.

A new firm began in 1901 under the name and guidance of Elizabeth Balfour (John’s wife) and business was better than ever!

The new café was innovative because the building envelope is independent of the internal structure. The building has a large steel and glass curtain wall to the Rundle Mall frontage surrounded by abstracted Classical details, in particular the monumental pilasters.



74 Rundle Mall (north side)