44-02 Naming of Park 3

After crossing Main North Road, you are at the southern tip of a triangular-shaped Park - Yam Daisy Park / Kantarilla (Park 3)

Park 3 is is the smallest of the three Parks in this trail. It is only 3.2 hectares, but it’s NOT the smallest of all the Parks in the Adelaide Park Lands. That honour belongs to Park 28 (Palmer Gardens) which is only 1.8 ha. However Park 3 is the second-smallest of all the Parks.

The name Kantarilla takes its origin from the Kandara, a native plant with a yellow flower, and edible roots like a radish or yam, formerly a food source for the Kaurna people. So its English name and its Kaurna name mean the same thing. Kantarilla means the Yam Daisy plant. See if you can see one!

Along with the adjacent Parks 4 and 5, Kantarilla (Park 3) is one of the few designated off-leash areas in the Park Lands for dog exercise.

Like much of the northern Parks, vegetation here was cleared in the early years of European settlement after 1840, and a program of re-planting had to be undertaken in later decades.

The tree on the southern tip of Park 3 – right next to the traffic lights - is an Aleppo Pine. It is the same species as the famous “lone pine” at Gallipoli. It was planted more than 100 years ago, but these days in South Australia this species is a declared noxious weed!

A little further along off Prospect Rd is another Canary Island Pine, like those along O'Connell St.

Head north, into the Park, walking through the open scrub land between Prospect Road and Main North Road.
Stop somewhere in the bush, pause, and feel the serenity.



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Corner of Prospect Rd and Main North Rd, North Adelaide