Naming of Park 4 and Park Lands trail

Crossing Lefevre Road takes us from Park 5 into Park 4. Park 4 is called “Reservoir Park / Kangatilla

The name 'Reservoir Park' refers to an underground reservoir which you will come to near the end of the trail – not far from where you started this walk.

The Kaurna name for the Park “Kangatilla” “comes from the Kaurna word “Kangatta” a berry identified as native food source, possibly the native cranberry.

The area around Park 4 is said to have been used by the Kaurna people (before European settlement) as an intermittent camp ground, and good hunting area.

The City Council estimates that there are more than 10-thousands visits to this Park every year.

This red path is part of the Adelaide Park Lands trail, pedestrian and cycling route, which crosses Park 4 in a roughly east-west direction.

It provides a link between Park 2 (to the west) and Park 5 (to the east) and forms part of a peaceful alternative route through North Adelaide towards the city.

Keep walking westwards along the red path, until the path does a left-hand bend, and stop at the bend.



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Lefevre Rd, North Adelaide