45-01 About Park 24

This trail starts from the front car park of the Adelaide High School on West Terrace. Park 24 is roughly square in shape. It has changed dimensions since the time the Park Lands were first laid out by Colonel Light, but the boundary changes have been relatively minor, to accommodate different road alignments and the railway line.

It's just over 35 hectares, and is bounded by;

• the railway line through Mile End,
• Sir Donald Bradman Drive
• West Terrace; and by
• Glover Avenue, which is the continuation of Currie Street


This area has been known as 'Park 24” since at least the 1890's if not earlier.

For more than 100 years that was the only name that it had – simply Park 24. In 2002 the City Council assigned Kaurna names to all the Parks.

The name Tampawardli means “house on the plain” “Tampa” meaning “plain” and “Wodli” meaning house.

The name recognised that one of the very first uses of this Park in the late 1830's and the 1840's was a camping ground for newly arrived migrants.

The English name, Ellis Park honours Val Bertram Harold Ellis who served as City of Adelaide Director of Parks & Recreation from 1966-83. Starting in 1982, the name Ellis Park was used just for the sporting fields.

In 2017 the City Council approved English language names for all the Parks, and so since 2017 the name “Ellis Park” has been applied not just to the sporting fields but to the whole of the Park.

So now, the full official name is Ellis Park / Tampawardli (Park 24)

From this starting point, walk towards the two-storey sports building located behind Adelaide High School.



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