45-02 Sport in Park 24 – Comets building

Several schools, and sporting clubs use the playing fields in Park 24. The main users are teams from Adelaide High School, the Adelaide Comets soccer club, and St Mary's Catholic college

Back in 2017, the City Council gave approval for a proposed new building that was described (at the time) as: “incorporating an under croft or similar design solution that minimises visual impact on the Park Lands.” The concept of an undercroft was not carried into practice when this two-storey building went up the following year.

The tenants of this building are the Adelaide Comets Soccer club and the Western Districts Athletics Club. The building was made possible with a $3 million grant from the State Government.

Prior to construction of this building, there were two separate but much smaller sheds here: one shed for the Comets and the other for the Athletics Club. Both were demolished in 2019 after the new two-storey building was completed.

Throughout the Adelaide Park Lands, there are more than 30 locations where sporting fields and buildings are leased or licenced from the City Council. The combined area of sporting leases and licences makes up about 13 per cent of the total area of the Park Lands.

More than 20 different sports are played in the Adelaide Park Lands, generating an estimated 1.7 million visits by sports players and officials. That’s about 20 per cent of all Park Lands visits.

There is controversy about buildings of this size on the Park Lands, and especially when buildings such as this one incorporate private function centres.

From this point, walk diagonally (south-east) across the sporting fields towards West Terrace where it intersects with Franklin Street at traffic lights.



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