45-08 Centre of the Park

From this point, you can see two tennis courts, and straight ahead the Adelaide High School. But the site of the High School was first reserved for something very different – military barracks!

In 1849 a law approved 1.6 hectares of the Park for a military barracks, where the Adelaide High School now stands. However, the barracks were never built. Instead the site was re-allocated in 1860 for an Observatory. There is information about the Observatory later on this trail.

The Federal Government tried again in 1910, for a much larger area of 16 hectares which would have taken up almost half the area of this Park. Although no specific site was earmarked, it would probably have included this central part of Park 24.

The suggestion was not warmly received by the State Government or the City Council, so the Federal Government wisely found another site instead– in Keswick. The Keswick barracks were established in 1912 and became the first substantial Commonwealth building constructed in South Australia.

Cyclocross racing
This central part of Park 24 is also used from time to time for the sport of cyclocross racing.

Cyclocross bikes are in-between road bikes and mountain bikes. It's a “cross” sport like “cross-country” running. It's shortened sometimes to CX.

Riders use special CX bikes, although they look similar to road bikes. Riders must ride dirt tracks, across grass, along some road and at times carry their bikes over obstacles.

In 2019, riders came from all over Australia to the National Championships conducted here in Park 24.

From this point, head north for about 100 metres until you come to an area fenced in black metal wire.



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