45-11 Bakewell Bridge -Bakewell Underpass

This is known as the Bakewell Underpass, which replaced an earlier Bakewell Bridge. For many decades if you were driving from Adelaide to the western suburbs, via Henley Breach Road, you would have crossed over the railway line at Mile End on a road bridge.

A concrete Bakewell Bridge was constructed in the 1920's. It had multiple pylons and the trains went under the road, in-between the pylons. The Bakewell Bridge took all the Glover Avenue road traffic up over the top of the railway line and down the other side to join Henley Beach Road.

In 2001 there was an accident at the bridge. A freight train hit one of the pylons. The bridge didn't fall, but its structural integrity was compromised. For months the bridge was closed which created traffic chaos for those who commuted to and from the western suburbs.

The damaged pylon was reinforced as a stop-gap measure, but the State Government immediately started planning to replace the bridge. Eventually the bridge was replaced with what we now call the Bakewell Underpass, constructed in 2006 and 2007, at a cost of $41 million.1

William Bakewell who died in 1870 was a solicitor and politician in the early days of South Australia.

From this point, walk back towards West Terrace on the footpath adjoining Glover Avenue.

Stop at the point in between the two sporting ovals.



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