45-15 Mini-forest – site of former Weather Bureau

This small corner block has been reserved for native plant re-vegetation. It has been landscaped to create a small hill on the block, and over recent years, volunteers have been planting native trees here.

The site was returned to Park Lands only in 1979.

From the mid-1800’s it had been part of the Observatory, next door.

In 1940 the Commonwealth Weather Bureau (as it was then called) was established here, right on the corner of Glover Avenue and West Terrace. The Weather Bureau was here for 37 years before relocating to Kent Town.

However, during its 37-year life, its next-door neighbour changed dramatically. The old Observatory was knocked down in the period from 1948 to 1952, and the new High School was erected.

The Education Department tried unsuccessfully to take over the weather bureau building on this next-door site, in the hope of expanding the Adelaide High School, but the State Government of the day rejected that bid

Instead the State Government paid the Commonwealth to vacate the site, so that it could be returned to Park Lands. That occurred in 1979.

There is a plaque on West Terrace, that records the history of the site and its links with the Bureau of Meteorology.



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corner of West Tce and Glover Ave