46-03 - Floral Clock, flagpole and time capsule

One of the main features of Brougham Gardens is this floral clock, installed in 1986 at the head of King William Road, on the spot where Bagot Road had been closed 14 years earlier in 1972.

The clock was the result of a donation by Andrew Penfold Simpson to honour South Australia’s 150th anniversary celebrations.

The mechanism for the clock was given by the Simpson family in memory of their son who was killed in a car accident in 1983. The remainder of the clock was funded by donations from the Women’s Sesquicentenary Executive of the State's 150th Jubilee.

The clock was started by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth on the 10th of March 1986.

It was still functioning in early 2017 but in 2018 was taken out of service for repairs.

Next to the floral clock, a flag pole was erected in 2005 to commemorate the Centenary of Rotary International and the 90th anniversary of the Rotary flag. The flag pole usually flies the coat of arms for the City of Adelaide.

Beneath the flag pole is a time capsule that was laid in November 2005 by the Rotary Club. The capsule was sealed in a granite cairn in October 2005 and is due to be re-opened after 50 years, in 2055. Thirty-two Rotary Club branches provided various articles for the capsule, although the details of its contents have been kept secret.

On both sides of the floral clock, both eastern and western sides, there is a large, elderly olive tree. Given their size, they could date back to the 1850’s.

From King William Road, in front of the floral clock, walk along the footpath adjacent to the Women’s and Children’s Hospital until you once again reach a path intersection.



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