46-08 - Brougham Gardens - western corner

Crossing over King William Road you will reach the smaller western section of Brougham Gardens, which is triangular in shape. This area provides a view over the skyline of Adelaide, including the spires of St Peter’s Cathedral.

Lining King William road, on this south-western side, are more than a dozen London Plane trees. Behind them are many crepe myrtle trees.

In the rest of this section, if you come at the right time of the year, you can be greeted by a riot of colour.

The pathway that heads south-west down the hill is lined with a dozen ‘Royal Raindrops” pink-flowering crab apple trees

You can also see hibiscus trees here, lilly pilly trees and along the northern edge, several jacarandas,

On the southern edge of this section of the Gardens, you will find three Victorian era cast-iron bollards that are painted silver. They were probably relocated here in the 1920s by City Gardener August Pelzer.

Also in the western corner of Brougham Gardens, you will see a towering Date Palm behind two English Elms. The Date Palm probably originates from a number of specimens that were donated in the 1890's by Sir Samuel Way.

From this point, keep walking westwards, and cross from Brougham Place into Palmer Place, and into the northern tip of Palmer Gardens.



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