46-18 - Honeywill house - 51-54 Palmer Place

A drapery merchant, William Honeywill had this house built in 1901. He was a partner in the Rundle Street business of Charles Birks & Co.

Only a few years afterwards life in this grand new house was struck by tragedy when Honeywill's wife, Emily. committed suicide here in their home, in December 1908. Honeywill then sold the property in 1910. Keeping a grand house for only nine years was unusual in that era.

The next purchaser, Frederick William Bullock, who owned the house for twenty-two years, was senior partner in the firm founded by his father F. W. Bullock and Co., auctioneers, land and estate agents.

Frederick Bullock was also a councillor, alderman and mayor of the Adelaide City Council and, in common with many businessmen and public figures, was "...a very distinguished member of the Masonic fraternity."

The book: Heritage of the City of Adelaide, says

The house ...is an Edwardian variant of the traditional Victorian asymmetrical bay-windowed villa with lofty proportions and quality masonry, brickwork and joinery. The Art Nouveau-influenced joinery to the veranda frieze work and balustrading is of particular interest.

In recent years, the building has been occupied by the College of Surgeons.

Now walk a few steps to the east, to view the house next door, on your right.



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